What do you most love about your spouse?  What do you appreciate about your spouse?

Use the Gratitude List you created on the first day and tell them today with a bouquet of 12 things you love most about your spouse.  You can cut out hearts or just put together 12 notes in a box or envelope and give it to them.  If you have more than 12, then include more!

Need some inspiration?

·       You challenging me to be a better person.

·       Your generosity with others.

·       Your amazing love for our children.

These are just a few things to help get you started.  Use the printable worksheet to help.

Candy, jewelry, flowers, etc. are great gifts but taking the time to write down what you love and appreciate about your spouse takes time and effort.  This time and effort can pay out dividends.

Tell your spouse how much you appreciate!  Get to work!

Thank you for joining me for the 7 Day SPICE Marriage Challenge!  It went by so fast! 

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