Are you looking to improve communication and build intimacy in your marriage?

Do you need a way to jumpstart the conversation?

Marriage is hard. Marriage requires work and effort.

It can be hard to make your spouse and marriage a priority when you have

Jobs, Kids, Activities, Hobbies, Friends and Family

pulling you in all different directions.


Listen, my husband and I have been

there more often than I care to admit!

We needed a simple, easy way to reconnect and recharge our relationship. This Challenge has also helped 100s of my clients improve and strengthen their own marriages!

This is why I created the 7 Day SPICE Marriage Challenge

 Here is what you will get when signing up:

  • Daily challenges to make your spouse a priority every day.

  • Daily tips and tools to help improve communication.

  • Daily videos and LIVE sessions in the Facebook group.

  • Printable worksheets to help record your progress during the challenge.

  • Access to a Private Facebook Group to get support during the Challenge.

  • Free sample chapter of my eBook, SPICE: A Guide to an Intimate Marriage.

  • Discount on my eBook, SPICE: A Guide to an Intimate Marriage.

Next challenge begins March 11th!

sign up below & Get your free sample chapter

Cost is $9.99

Less than the Cost of a Date Night ;)


Excited to do this Challenge with you!