Fertility Care & the Single Woman


When I was a young(er) woman, the extent of my knowledge of fertility consisted of the basics of puberty (pubic hair & breasts) and that I would have a menses every month.  I was led to believe that my menstrual cycle was just about bleeding on a monthly basis.

I discovered there is so much more to my fertility when I signed up to learn the Creighton Model FertilityCare System when I was engaged.


I learned more in that one hour Introductory Session than I did in all my previous years in school – even studying to receive a bachelor’s degree in Health!

The longer I use and teach Fertility Care, the more I realize it is not just for married women, but for ALL women.

What are the benefits of FertilityCare for the single woman?

  • True Fertility Education

A woman’s menstrual cycle encompasses more than just her periods.  There are 25 or more days in your cycle that also play an important role in your fertility health.

Through charting, a you discovers how your body provides natural biological signs that tell you when you are fertile and when you are infertile.  And, this fertile window is actually smaller than most women think.

You learn through charting how your hormones are so intricately connected and how each cycle’s hormones effects the next.

You know in advance when your period will start based on the indication of ovulation in your chart.  A woman’s period should come 9 to 13 days after her ovulation and should be consistent for that woman.

  • Fertility Appreciation

The goal of Fertility Care is to help the you learn to appreciate your fertility and your reproductive health.

Our fertility is a normal, functioning system of our bodies. Our fertility is a gift to be cherished and protected, not a disease to be suppressed.

As women we have this unique gift to care for and grow new life inside of our bodies.  That is amazing!

Through this fertility appreciation, my hope is for single women to see their fertility and their bodies as a gift and to hold this gift close and not so easily give it away.  This gift of fertility and our body is meant to be reserved for marriage because that is where we find complete trust and true intimacy.

In our current hook-up, birth control pushing culture, living a life of chastity is not an easy task. But, I have witnessed and personally experienced the fruits of living out chastity through fertility appreciation.

  • Confidence & Trust in Your Body

It can take some time and energy to gain confidence in charting your fertility.  Each woman’s body is different so your fertility cycles may not look anything like the textbook cycles.

Confidence comes through charting.  Each woman should have her own pattern to her cycles that will recur monthly.  When you see this pattern emerge every month, you begins to trust yourself and your body.

The longer you chart, the more you become in tune with your body.  You begin to see how stress, illness and changes in diet and exercise can affect your fertility cycle. 

Fertility charting has helped me stay in tune with my body.  Recently, my fertility chart helped me notice that my body was telling me things were off.

If I had not been charting my fertility and paying attention to the signals my body was telling me, I am not sure I would have sought help.

  • Identify Abnormalities & Find Help

The bonus that comes with FertilityCare charting is the science of NaProTechnology.  NaProTechnology allows FertilityCare to go beyond just fertility education and family planning and become a complete women’s healthcare system.

This NaProTechnology allows for the you and your trained FertilityCare Practitioner to identify abnormalities in you fertility cycle sooner.  There are indicators in a woman’s chart such as premenstrual spotting, limited mucus cycles, short post peak phases and more that are clinically relevant.

By being in tune with your body, you can recognize these indicators in your chart and know when things are not right.  Then the chart can be taken to the NaProTechnology doctor to be used as a medical tool for diagnostic testing and treatment.

FertilityCare offers women real solutions to their reproductive health issues such as PCOS, endometriosis, irregular cycles and PMS.  The solution seeks to treat the underlying cause of the health issue, not shut down the fertility system like the birth control pill.

More single women want a better, natural and healthier approach to their reproductive health issues and they are finding it with FertilityCare and NaProTechnology.

  • Fertility is Women’s Health

When I first began charting, I thought FertilityCare was just for married women for family planning. 

Why should a woman care about her fertility if she is not married and starting a family?

Fertility is not just about making babies.  It is the female health system.  Our fertility hormones control so much of our physical, emotional and psychological health.

FertilityCare is about opening the eyes of women to see the beauty of their bodies.  FertilityCare is about monitoring our health as women.  Fertility is health.

FertilityCare™offers you the ability to be confident in the knowledge of your fertility and your body.  You no longer have to rely solely on your doctor for information about your reproductive health.

YOU can take your reproductive health into your own hands.  YOU can make fully informed decisions about what is best for YOU and YOUR fertility.

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