Not Using Artificial Contraception Has Been Empowering


This is a testimony from my sister-in-law, Tamara Baril, on her experience using the Creighton Model FertilityCare System to plan her family.

The closer I became to getting married, the more I wanted to know about how to read and predict my fertility. I say “read” because it really is just like learning to read in another language – the language of my body. Yes, each woman’s body language is different, much like each culture has pockets of dialects, but they can all be understood with some  education. I wanted to educate myself as much as possible on ALL the options. So many people I know had been taking the birth control pill by default as the only option. I first learned of the Creighton Method FertilityCare System from my sister-in-law before I got married. Not only could I determine when I wanted to avoid pregnancy, but I could understand my body when I wanted to achieve pregnancy as well. No method of contraception could as safely help me achieve or avoid pregnancy at the same time. Learning that there were more options than just a birth control pill was very empowering, comforting and exciting to me, as a woman.

I would encourage any woman – whether single, married, wanting or not wanting children –  to be open to all options on how to learn how to understand their body, including trying to learn how to chart their fertility. Creighton was an amazingly effective and fairly simple system to use with the right instruction and willingness to learn.

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