SPICE: S is for Spirituality in Marriage


I will begin a series where I will breakdown each component of SPICE.  SPICE is an important component of using the Creighton Model FertilityCare System.  Whether a couple wants to achieve or avoid a pregnancy, adding SPICE in their marriage is key to their successful implementation of the System.

The S represents the Spiritual component of SPICE.  Prayer is the most important spiritual component of non-genital communication between couples.  Prayer helps to develop and strengthen the spiritual needs of the spouses as individuals and together as a couple.

If the couple can begin to understand that the foundation of their marriage and their marital love comes from God and that their love for each other stems from this Godly love, they can help assure success of the Creighton Model System.

So, what are some practical ways that a couple can implement the Spiritual component into their marriage?  If prayer is a not a familiar part of a marriage, a couple can begin by saying a simple morning and evening prayer together.  My husband and I also recite our wedding vows to one another every morning.  It reminds us both of the love we had on our wedding day and also the commitment we have made to each other, even after 11 years of marriage.  A couple can say simple prayers throughout the day for each other, asking God to guide and protect their spouse.  Attending church services together also helps a couple with implementing prayer in their life.

If prayer is a regular part of a couple’s marriage, they may choose to add devotionals to their daily life.  Spouses could seek spiritual direction apart or together from a trusted source.  They could attend a couple’s retreat such as Marriage Encounter to help enrich their married life.  The couple could read a spiritual book together such as one on prayer or one about their faith.

Spouses can also have spiritual experiences through communicating their love for one another.  By saying, “I love you and everything about you” as often as possible, spouses can develop a trust that is permanent and cannot be shaken.

Learning and growing in spirituality together can help cement the couple’s bond and love for one another and build a foundation that leads to a long and permanent union.

Some information in above article taken from the Creighton Model Introductory Booklet, page 36.