The Beauty and Challenges of Using a Fertility Awareness Method


It was 13 years ago that I began my first cycle in my brand new Creighton chart.  I was engaged, on my way to be trained as FertilityCare Practitioner, and very excited about beginning this journey with my soon-to-be husband.

For the first several years of using the Creighton Model, I had ideal cycles.  They were predictable and it was obvious when I was fertile and when I was not.  Avoiding intercourse between babies was not too difficult when I had dryness while breastfeeding and then my normal, regular cycles again.  My husband and I had some periods of adjustment early on when we were avoiding, but for the most part since my cycles were predictable, there was not much conflict.

Then baby number 3 entered the picture and my “perfect” cycles never returned.  After each subsequent baby, my cycles became harder to manage and my Creighton chart demonstrated that I was no longer what one would consider regular.  The last 13 years of using a natural system to plan my family have brought much joy and strength but have also come with struggle and frustration.  Let me elaborate.

Why I love my Creighton chart:

I love my Creighton chart because it is a medical record of an important part of my health at this time in my life. It has shown me that my hormones are imbalanced so I was able to determine that I needed to see the NaProTechnology™ doctor to get professional help.  My charting will ensure the testing and treatment prescribed by the doctor will be effective because it is personalized for me.

I love my Creighton chart because it helps me better communicate with my husband about our sex life.  We have to discuss it every month as we discern whether to have another baby.  We have to discuss it because if we want to avoid that month, we should only use the infertile days for sex.  We make our sex life a priority every month because of my chart.

I love my Creighton chart because it has really helped me come to appreciate my husband and the sacrifices he makes so that we are doing what is healthiest for me and our marriage.  He supports me even when it is hard and I can’t figure out my fertile times and, therefore our days for sex are limited during some cycles.  He challenges me to be more open to life.  My Creighton chart has shown me what a gift God gave me in my husband.

Why I have challenges with my Creighton chart:

Like everything in life, nothing is perfect.  Although I believe this System is the safest and most effective way to manage fertility, there is difficulty that can arise from using a natural system.  I want to inform you:

It can suck sometimes!  It is not all rainbows and sunshine!  When my husband is traveling only during my infertile times, it is hard.  When I have an irregular chart because I can’t figure out my mucus cycle, it is hard.  When my hormones are out of balance so I can’t figure out if I had my mucus cycle or if I am having a double peak, it is hard.  When we lose our baby with no warning, it is hard.

I am here to tell you it is okay to say using Creighton or another NFP method can be difficult.  The difficulty my husband and I have experienced through the years of using Creighton have opened up doors of communication that I am not sure would have been opened if we used contraception.  We are more honest with each other about our wants and our needs.  We discuss our frustrations with the natural system and what we can do to address them.  I feel closer to my husband because of these difficulties, not in spite of them.

I am grateful that God led me to the Creighton Model, and I have come to realize that things that are the best for us and our health are sometimes hard to do.  But the rewards for doing something that is difficult can be amazing.  I have seen the fruits in my own marriage, even when things get tough.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of the Creighton Model and how it can help plan your family or help treat a reproductive health issue through NaProTechnology, contact me today!