What I Learned from My Whole 30


I did it! I completed my first Whole30!  I honestly wasn’t sure when I started Day 1 if I was going to make it the full 30 days.

I began my Whole30 journey on August 1.  The Whole30 is an elimination diet to help you determine what foods may be contributing to your health issues.  I chose to do a Whole30 for multiple reasons.  I wanted to see if how I was eating was affecting my hormonal issues.

I needed a nutritional reset.  I needed to get back on track with healthy eating.

The Whole30 journey was overall not too difficult for me.  I had been eating gluten and dairy fee for a year and a half already due to discovering I am intolerant to those foods.  The most difficult thing for me was changing my emotional relationship with food.

I had been turning to junk food and diet coke (5-6 a day) as my stress relief.   This led to less energy for my daily activities and taking care of my family which led to more stress eating.  It was a vicious cycle.  A cycle I had to break.

My Whole30 Experience – The Challenges

The first 2 weeks were the hardest for me. I could no longer turn to my diet coke and junk food for relief when stress hit me.  And, with working from home and homeschooling 4 out of 6 kids, stress is an everyday part of life.

I experienced headaches and fatigue during those first two weeks. The Whole30 Timeline really helped me to know what I was experiencing was normal.  I referred to the Timeline daily to get me through the Whole30.

I also had some digestive problems I was not expecting.  I will spare you the details but it was frustrating. The Whole30 Timeline helped me understand that these problems were caused by my gut recovering and healing from my poor health choices.  I made a drastic change in my eating and my gut had to play catch up.

The digestive issues have since ended and I am back to normal.  I increased my water intake and drink a lot of probiotic drinks now to replace my diet coke.  I love Kombucha and Water Kefir.  They are full of probiotics that aid in digestion and gut healing.

My Whole30 Experience – The Rewards

After the first two weeks, something amazing happened.  I began to have energy like I had not experienced in months.  I no longer felt reliant on caffeine to get me through the day.  I had the same energy in the afternoon that I did in the morning.   My brain fog disappeared and I could focus on my daily tasks.

I had the energy to be the mom I wanted for my kids.

I also found some relief from my constant PMS symptoms.  Before the Whole30, I had severe PMS symptoms all month long.  PMS was affecting my everyday life and relationships.  The Whole30 definitely made a difference.

I continue to have PMS symptoms, but they have lessened and I no longer have them all month long.  I continue to have underlying hormone issues so I am addressing that with NaProTechnology®

Another big change that I have noticed is my ability to wake up at 5am with no problems.  Before the Whole30, I would press snooze a ton of times and still have to drag myself out of bed when the kids came in screaming for food.  I am now able to wake up early and spend time working out, in prayer and doing work.

My Whole30 Experience – Final Impression

Overall, I did not experience dramatic changes on the Whole30 like many people do.  But, since I have been off of dairy and gluten for so long, that is what I expected.   The Whole30 program suggests that it may take longer to see results for some people.

The Whole30 gave me the energy and clarity I was lacking and that has been an amazing result.  My focus is back on my health and eating what makes my body healthy.  The Whole30 helped me develop healthy eating habits such as drinking lots of water and eating a variety of vegetables.

Healthy eating is a daily commitment.  Healthy eating contributes to a healthy body.

I am now in my Reintroduction Phase and slowly adding in legumes and rice.  I will continue to limit my sugar and alcohol intake, for my energy levels and for my acid reflux.  The Whole30 has helped me focus on adding a variety of vegetables to my daily meals.  I plan to continue this way of eating and so will use the Paleo diet as my guide.

I am glad I did the Whole30.  I proved to myself I have self-control when it comes to food.  I have broken my junk food and diet coke cravings.  I want to eat healthy, even when it is not convenient.  I highly recommend the Whole30 to anyone suffering from health issues or emotional issues with food.

If you have any questions about the Whole30 or are interested in starting your own Whole30 journey, contact me, join the Whole30 Fertility & Fitness Facebook group or follow my Whole30 Board on Pinterest.  I will continue to post meal and recipe ideas and am always available for support.

Have you done a Whole30?  What were your results?