Fertility & Advent: A Time to Reflect


When I first began blogging about fertility, I wrote this post entitled Advent: A Time of Reflection

This week, I was making notes of what I wanted to write these last few weeks of the year.  This post kept coming back into my mind.  It was difficult for me to write then and as I reread the post, it seems to challenge me again this year.

It may seem a bit odd to be writing about Advent on a blog about fertility. 

I realize that not all of my readers and clients celebrate Advent.  But, most everyone celebrates Christmas and this wonderful time of hope, love, peace and joy. 

We may use these weeks of December to reflect on the last year of our lives.  We may think about the year to come.

We can also use this time to reflect on how we view different aspect of your lives, including our fertility.

I thought it would be a good idea to pull this blogpost out of the archives and repost it today. 

The reflection questions are just as meaningful to me now as they were two years ago.

Advent: A Time of Reflection – Originally posted December 3, 2013

This past weekend ushered in the season of Advent, the time of preparation for the birth of Christ, our Savior.  As is tradition in our family, we joyfully filled our home with the annual Christmas decorations of stockings, Advent calendars, wreaths, and lights, the Christmas and Jesse tree and manger scenes.

Advent is the season to evaluate our lives and our relationship with God.  Through the years as our family has grown, it seems Advent season has become busier and more stressful.  I struggle every year to focus my energies on the true meaning of the season.  

I start out with good intentions but quickly get caught up in the busyness of activities, parties, baking and buying gifts.  These are not bad things but they can quickly shut God out and prevent me from God’s call for me to reflect on where I need to improve in my life.

This year I feel God challenging me to evaluate how I view my fertility in light of His will for our family. 

I will be honest and say this struggle is not new to me.  There is a misconception that if a couple, especially a FertilityCare™ Practitioner, uses a natural system to plan their families, the journey is always easy. 

I am here to say it is not. 

There are periods of difficulty and struggle both for the spouses individually and together as a couple.

I plan to take time this Advent season to challenge myself with some reflection questions.

Whether a couple is struggling with avoiding pregnancy, infertility or a woman dealing with reproductive health issues, I hope these questions can benefit others as well.

  • How do I view my fertility? Do I view my fertility as a gift to be cherished or a problem to be solved?

  • Do I truly trust my fertility and family to God?

  • Do I believe my plan for my family size is better than God’s plan? Am I willing to change my plan if God calls me to?

  • Am I willing to let go of my tendency to want to control my fertility and how we plan our family?

  • Is my need for control more important than my relationship with my spouse?  With God?

  • Do I trust that God will provide what I need even when times are very difficult?

These questions may be easy or difficult to answer depending on your situation.  For me, they require some prayer and reflection.

Advent season is a great time to reevaluate our lives and reflect how we can grow closer to God as we prepare for the upcoming arrival of Jesus on Christmas Day.

May your Advent season be blessed!