NaProTechnology: A Gift to the McGuire Family


I talk often with my clients about the success of NaProTechnology.  I present the statistics and what NaProTechnology has to offer. 

But, sometimes what speaks more to the success of NaProTechnology are personal stories such as this one.

This is a testimony from Melissa McGuire about her family's experience with NaProTechnology.

She just turned 2 years old (her birthday is the Feast of All Saints).

She was conceived with and delivered by the help of Dr. Kathryn Karges in Houston. My FertilityCare teacher was Kim Broussard.

After being diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and all the hormonal baggage that comes with it, my husband and I had little hope of conceiving again.

(My older daughter had been conceived with the help of injectable fertility meds +IUI and we weren't going to do that again once we had a better understanding of Church teaching and also the implications to my health.)

When I began learning Creighton with Kim, it was quickly apparent that I had issues that could probably be addressed with NaProTechnology. I was blessed to be one of the first patients in Dr. Karges' practice when she opened.

In Dec. 2012, I had laparoscopic, robotic surgery by Dr. Karges (with the younger Dr. Hilgers assisting).  She did a bilateral ovarian wedge resection and removed some endometriosis as well.

The second month after my surgery we were cleared to start trying to achieve pregnancy (with the help of my charts to pinpoint my most fertile days) and we got pregnant the very first month we tried! 

God is so good!!

Throughout my pregnancy, NaProTechnology continued to help us because my progesterone levels were very low but Dr. Karges was able to track it closely and treat me appropriately.

(This part may be TMI, but I just love the significance.) My water broke during Mass for All Saints Day and Gianna was born that evening.

Our lives are forever changed and infinitely blessed because of the gift of Creighton Method and NaProTechnology.

Thank you, Melissa, for sharing your story. 

If you would like to get started with the Creighton Model and/or NaProTechnology program, contact me today!