#THXNFP: A Shout Out to My Fertility Chart


If you have been on Twitter or Facebook the last couple weeks, you may have seen the hashtag #THXBirthControl going around.   Women sending their gratitude to their birth control method. 

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, I thought I would express some gratitude.  But, I will not be thanking a birth control method.

Instead, I want to give a shout of gratitude to my Creighton Model FertilityCare chart.  I am doing what many others in the natural family planning community are doing and changing the hashtag to


I was once like the women praising birth control, shouting from the rooftops how wonderful birth control was for women. 

I had bought the marketing; hook, line and sinkerI had followed the mantra that birth control was true women’s healthcare.

But, then I saw through my work with patients in medical research women’s health suffering from using birth control.  I saw my friend’s health suffering from using birth control. 

I saw that birth control was not true women’s healthcare.

I am grateful to my work in the pro-life movement that opened my eyes to the dangers of birth control and the wonders of natural family planning.

I am thankful to my fertility chart for giving me:

  • Knowledge

I learned more in one Introductory Session of the Creighton Model FertilityCare System than I had in all my health classes in college.  I was amazed at how my fertility was so intricately designed.

I was even more amazed that just by learning my fertility signs; I could know when I was fertile and infertile each month.  I learned that my body is designed to produce different signs to signal when I am ovulating.   

If I am in tune with my body and fertility signs, then I can know when I am ovulating.

  • Confidence

Looking back over my 14 years of charting, my fertility chart has not been picture perfect.  It rarely has looked “normal”.  I have seen relatively easy to follow cycles, dry cycles, long cycles, continuous mucus cycles and more recently irregular cycles.

But through it all, I have been able to be in tune with my body through the help of my FertilityCare chart and my Practitioner.  It has not always been easy, but with the help of my fertility education and my chart, I have been able to navigate the most complicated of my fertility cycles.

I am confident my husband and I have made the healthiest decision for our family planning.  I have not had to worry about nasty side effects because learning my fertility signs does not require pills or devices.   

NFP or Fertility Care is 100% safe and healthy!

  • Empowerment

We have not had to wait for artificial hormones to leave my body so it can be safe to try and achieve a pregnancy.

When my husband and I decide we would like to have a baby, we just switch our use of the System to using the days of fertility instead of only the days of infertility.  

NFP is a true method of family planning!

I have been empowered from my FertilityCare chart to take responsibility for my fertility health.

I monitor my stress and how it affects my cycle.  I monitor my diet and exercise and how both affect my cycle as well.

When I am dealing with a reproductive health issue such as miscarriage, irregular cycles, PMS, premenopause and hormone problems, I know my fertility chart is a true medical tool to help me get the most effective treatment.

My FertilityCare chart has helped me receive the testing and treatment I need to tackle my fertility health issues, all in cooperation with my body and fertility health.

The empowerment and confidence I have from charting my fertility has led me to take charge of my overall health and work alongside my doctors to get real treatment.

I am grateful for this knowledge, empowerment and confidence with my body.  I do not need to suppress my fertility to have true freedom as a woman.

My fertility is not a disease to be suppressed but rather a gift to be cherished.

#THXNFP for helping me take charge of my fertility health!

Are you ready to take the first step in taking care of your fertility health?