What Makes a NaProTechnology Doctor Different?


I am often asked by women and couples about the doctors who specialize in the new reproductive science called NaProTechnology.

What makes the NaProTechnology doctor different than my ob/gyn or fertility specialist?

I/We have had multiple testing done, how will NaProTechnology be any different?

What can I/We expect from the NaProTechnology doctor?

Until recently, I would answer from the testimonies of my prior clients and their experiences with NaProTechnology.   Now, due to my own health issues, I can now answer these questions from my own personal experience.

What is a NaProTechnology doctor?

A NaProTechnology doctor is a medical doctor who has chosen to go against the norm and offer morally and professionally acceptable treatments for reproductive health issues through the science of NaProTechnology.

NaProTechnology is a new reproductive science created by Dr. Thomas Hilgers that works cooperatively with a woman’s cycle and seeks to treat the underlying cause of the reproductive health issue.   Dr. Hilgers has done over 30 years of research to develop this amazing and successful science to help women and couples find real solutions for their infertility, miscarriage, PCOS, endometriosis and other health issues.

A NaProTechnology doctor has gone through extensive training with Dr. Hilgers to learn and master the protocols he has researched and developed so to help women and couples all around the world.

These are some testimonies from my clients about their experience with their NaProTechnology doctor:

“I finally found a doctor who will listen to me!”

“I felt validated and heard for the first time in a long time.”

“The doctor took the time to discuss all my health issues and what protocols would help me."

“I finally felt like there was a solution to my health problem instead of being told they just didn’t know and my only option was IVF.”

I was excited about my first appointment.  And, you can ask my husband, I HATE going to the doctor.  I had been putting it off for months but realized I was not getting better on my own.

I brought the doctor my Creighton Model FertilityCare chart, which is needed to successfully implement the protocols of NaProTechnology.  I even wrote down all of the symptoms I had been struggling with over the previous year.

The nurse took my charts to make copies for the doctor and asked me questions about my symptoms.  No mention of birth control, but instead lots of support for charting my fertility from all the staff in the office.

I am 40, so I have been to many a doctor for both normal checkups and gynecology workups.  This appointment was different.

I felt respected for my choice to chart my fertility.  The doctor thoroughly reviewed my charts with me.  She listened to my laundry list of symptoms and compared them with my chart.

The Creighton Model FertilityCare chart is used as a medical tool by the NaProTechnology doctor to help to diagnose and treat reproductive health problems.  This is because our bodies are amazing and can give us indicators when something is wrong. 

These indicators show up on our FertilityCare chart and because of the extensive research done by Dr. Hilgers, the NaProTechnology doctor can run diagnostic tests based on these indicators.

The doctor discussed with me her thoughts on what might be causing my irregular cycle issues as well as my physical symptoms.  The doctor took the time to explain the diagnostic protocol that would help get to the bottom of my issues.

I finally felt a doctor was taking me seriously and had my best interest in mind.  I felt the doctor was going to work with me in to find the root cause of my health issue and implement a solution.

This is what makes NaProTechnology doctors different!  The NaProTechnology doctors seek to treat the underlying cause of a woman’s reproductive health issue and not just mask or ignore the symptoms.

This is why NaProTechnology is so successful! 

NaProTechnology is up to 80% successful for couples who struggle with infertility!

NaProTechnology is also successful for those women who want to Ditch the Risk of the Pill and find another solution to their PCOS, PMS, irregular cycles, endometriosis, etc.   The women with these conditions find an elimination of most if not all of their symptoms through NaProTechnology treatment .

Are you struggling to find a doctor who will seek to find the underlying cause of your infertility?

Do you want to Ditch the Risk of the Pill and find a real solution to your PCOS, irregular cycles, etc?

NaProTechnology is for you! 

Contact me today to find out more information.