Day 3 - Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Clean Out the Pantry


You should be almost done with your food journal.  Remember, the food journal will give you an accurate picture of what you are eating on a daily basis.  Stay motivated to get that finished!

Today, we are going to take a hard look at your pantry and clean it out of unhealthy foods.

We have already established that the Standard American Diet is not the best diet for optimal fertility health. 

I will be honest and say that I have a lot of unhealthy foods in my pantry even though I am good about following a Paleo diet.

Can anyone say holiday treats?

This is a great challenge day for me.

Let’s take a look at your pantry today and see what we can find.

  • Do you have any packaged foods?
  • Do you have any packaged foods that have more than 5 ingredients?
  • Do you have any packaged foods that you cannot pronounce the ingredients?
  • Do you have junk food: chips, candy, cookies, etc?
  • Do you have soda or anything with artificial sweeteners?
  • Do you have white sugar or white flour?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you need to clean out of your pantry. 

Clean out your Pantry of the following items that do not meet the Nutrition guidelines we discussed yesterday:

  • Foods that contain vegetable oils (corn, safflower, soy, canola, etc.)
  • If choosing to remove gluten from your diet, foods that contain wheat, wheat gluten, & anything derived from wheat
  • Products containing sugar, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, rice syrup as will as artificial sweeteners & unnatural sweeteners
  • Processed foods, "diet foods" & foods with ingredients you cannot pronounce
  • Products with fake processed ingredients & have more than 5-10 ingredients

But, those things are for my husband or my kids you may say.  Packaged foods filled with sugar and chemicals and artificial sweeteners are not good for anyone’s health. 

Use this as an opportunity to improve your family’s nutrition as well as your nutrition. 

If you have it in the house, the temptation to eat those unhealthy foods is much greater.  I know for me if I have a box of Mike n Ike’s candy in my pantry, I will eat it within one day.  I have no self-control when it comes to candy.  I no longer keep candy in my house.

If you insist on keeping some things for your family, put it in a special drawer or cabinet.  Out of your sight, out of your mind.

My family and I eat an overall healthy diet, but as I went through this challenge, I realized I have slowly let some unhealthy foods creep in to my pantry. 

If you do not like the idea of throwing away food, then you can always donate it to a local food pantry.  If it seems to drastic to clean out your pantry in one day, then take it in baby steps, maybe take it over the course of days or even weeks if needed.  Just make sure you begin the process.

Tomorrow, we will discuss what foods you should be stocking in your pantry to replace those unhealthy foods.