Day 4 - Clean Eating Starts at Home: Stock Your Pantry with Healthy Foods

So far this week, I have made you write down what you have been eating, given you nutritional recommendations and told you to clean out your pantry.

It can be quite overwhelming to make an overhaul on your nutrition in such a short time.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, please remember to take things at your own pace. 

Changing what you eat and making lifestyle changes takes time.  It is not a race, so if you need to take a few more days to complete a Challenge day, then by all means do that.

Taking baby steps to better nutrition will ensure that the changes become permanent.

That being said, today I want to focus on what you CAN eat and the wide variety of foods you can fill your pantry with.

No one natural food can give you all the nutrients you need.  The greater the variety of nutritious foods you eat, the greater chance you have of acquiring beneficial vitamins and minerals.

General Healthy Pantry Recommendations:

  • Full-fat Dairy

If you can tolerate dairy, remember full-fat is the way to go.  Women need fat to produce our fertility hormones.

  • Healthy fats & Oils

Again, fat is not our enemy, ladies.  Coconut, Avocado and olive oil are your best options.

  • Colorful variety of fruits & vegetables

We are blessed to live in a country that has grocery stores filled with a colorful variety of fruits & vegetables.Make sure to buy fruit & veggies that cover the whole rainbow.

Minimum Daily recommendations: 1 Serving Yellow Fruit & Vegetable, 3 Servings Leafy Green Vegetables, 1 Serving Vitamin C Source

Remember, the more we consume of the rainbow of fruits & veggies, the better fuel we put into our bodies.

  • Fish, Beef, Poultry & Pork

Fish is ideal for women.I try to have a variety of meats and fish on hand but I also buy based on sales and my budget.

  • Variety of Beans, Tree Nuts, & Seeds

Nuts and seeds are great snack alternatives to junk food and because they are full of protein, they can help keep you full longer.

  • Whole Grains unless Gluten Free

Always choose whole grain foods over the white flour counterparts if you are not eating gluten free.  There is no nutritional value in refined flour.Limit gluten free bread products.

  • Tea or Sparkling Water

If you are a former soda drinker like myself, stock your pantry with tea and sparkling water.Sparkling water has been a lifesaver for me when I am craving a carbonated soda.  I also LOVE Kombucha which is a fermented tea.  Kombucha is also filled with healthy probiotics for gut health.

Here are some very useful shopping lists:

Paleo Shopping List – from Paleo on a Budget

Whole30 Shopping List – from

Mediterranean Diet Shopping List – from Dr. Oz

Real Food Shopping List – from

It can take some time to overhaul your pantry and fill it with healthy foods.  That is okay.  Be patient with yourself.

But, remember that if you have junk food in the house, you are more likely to eat it.  If you only have healthy food options available, you’re more likely to make permanent healthy changes to your diet.

Remember the adage: Out of Sight, Out of Mind.  The same holds true for unhealthy foods.

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