Day 14 - Keep Moving: Preventing an Exercise Rut


The goal of this week’s Challenge has been to help you incorporate exercise into your life.  Exercise shouldn’t be something you dread, but should be something that just becomes part of your daily routine.

The question shouldn’t be whether today you are going to exercise, but more what kind of exercise are you going to do today?

Creating an exercise routine can help you stay committed to moving your body in the long term.

Sometimes we can feel like we have been doing the same exercise over and over and we either get bored or no longer see results in our body.  That is when we need to change things up a bit to prevent an exercise rut.

Tips to creating an Exercise Routine to Keep You Motivated

  • Choose multiple forms of exercise that you enjoy

Example, yoga, running, walking, swimming.  This can make it easier to change up your exercise routine.  If you are bored with what you are currently doing, try a group exercise class.  Take a bike ride.  Having multiple forms of exercise that you enjoy can help you switch it up when you get bored.

  • Make sure to alternate Cardio with Strength Training

We talked about the importance of both this week.  It is important for a your body and your health to incorporate both cardio and strength training into your fitness routine.

  • Add intervals to your work out

I have said before how much I enjoy Mom’s Into Fitness work outs.  She has intervals built right in to the work out.Example would be to mix up walking at a leisurely pace with power walking for 3 minutes.

  • Increase your intensity – But not too much!

Reevaluate the intensity of your workouts.  Have you really been pushing yourself during our work out time or have you gotten into a comfort zone?  Maybe increase the weights if you are strength training or increase the amount of time you are working out.

Just remember it is not recommended to work out at high intensity on a long term basis as this can have a negative impact on your fertility health.

  • Talk to your fitness buddy

Your fitness accountability partner can help you stay motivated when you are feeling bored or your work out is no longer giving you the results you want.  Ask for suggestions!

  • Mix it up with Music

Music can motivate you.  Choose a playlist that will work for you and keep you motivated and energized during your work out.

  • Set some rules for yourself

Make a commitment to work out a certain amount each week.  Try to not go 2 days without working out if you can.  Put into your schedule and on your calendar.  Use a fitness tracker app if that helps you stay committed.

Exercise, like nutrition, is an important part of your overall health and your fertility health.  There are so many benefits to making it a part of your healthy lifestyle.  You do not have to become a marathon runner or a body builder.  This is about becoming a healthier version of you.  This is a process.  Be patient with yourself! 

Tomorrow, we begin the Challenge week focused on Stress Management.  Are you like me and let stress get the better of you?  You will be given tips on how to better control your stress.

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