Day 17 - Stress Tip #2: Schedule Yourself Into Your Day


Do you feel like you never have any time to yourself? 

Do you have a stack of books or a closet full of hobby craft items that are gathering dust? 

Do you tend to everyone’s needs before your own?

I have to admit to answering yes to all of these questions.  I feel like I run from one activity or to do task on my list to the next.  Some days I crash in my bed at night wondering where the day went.  You do not have to have children to feel this way.

The problem with this approach is that your mind and your body will eventually give out.  You will mentally burnout and that can lead to anxiety or depression.  Constantly going and going and not carving out some downtime for yourself can also become a stressor on your body. 

This constant stress on your body can lead to irregularities in your fertility cycle and ovulation problems. 

Sometimes we think that if we take time for ourselves, we are neglecting others, especially our family.  We are not giving our all to them.  But, if you begin to take time for yourself each day, you will feel refreshed and reenergized.  This will allow you to give more of yourself, not less.

How to Make Yourself a Priority Each Day

  • Make an Attitude Change

It is not selfish to take time for yourself each day.  You are important.You are worth it.In order to make yourself a priority each day, you first must accept that you are worth the time. You are more important than your to do list.

  • Make a List of Activities You Enjoy

If you are not sure what to do each day, then make a list of activities that you enjoy.  Think of a variety of things such as reading, exercising, watching a tv show, sewing, even taking a nap.  You can put activities that only take a few minutes to all day activities.  Having a variety of activities to choose from can help if one day you are more limited on time.

  • Put Yourself on the Schedule

Just like any other regular activity in your daily routine, you need to put yourself on the schedule.  This can be hard at first if you are not used to doing it.Remember, it is important to take time each day to refresh yourself.

  • Realize that No One is Perfect

You don’t have to do it all.  You can say no to activities and to people.  Stop comparing yourself and your life to those on Pinterest, Facebook and Blogs.  Those just show a snippet of life and not the whole picture.  There are daily activities that MUST be done, such as eating, bathing, sleeping.  There are other activities that need to be done but don’t HAVE to be done.  What are some things you can move off of your daily to do list? 

Remember, the world is going to be pulling you in different directions each day.  There will be times where you are telling yourself a task is more important and needs your attention. 

Remember, YOU are important.  YOU need attention.  YOU are worth the time.

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