Improving FertilityCare: An Update from the Annual AAFCP Conference


Last week, during NFP Awareness Week, I had the pleasure of attending the American Academy of FertilityCare™ Professionals annual conference on the campus of Notre Dame. 

This is an academic conference where Practitioners, doctors, and those wanting to promote the Creighton Model and NaProTechnology come together to learn about new advances and find encouragement. 

This conference helps me to offer a high quality service of fertility healthcare to my clients in conjunction with the NaProTechnology doctors.

It was such an exciting time to meet so many wonderful people who are passionate about real women’s healthcare.  Not only women, but men!  Doctors talking about changing the culture to support women by listening to women and seeking ways to successfully treat fertility health issues.

It was an encouragement to see people from all areas of healthcare seeking to change the culture and find ways to truly empower women.

My biggest takeaways from the conference:

  • Nutrition can help improve fertility health issues when part of a holistic approach

I loved how Dr. Parker spoke of a holistic approach to treating fertility health issues that included nutrition as being a key component.  Dr. Parker discussed the importance of eating a clean, whole foods diet.  Definitely challenged me to look at my own diet and ways I could personally improve.

  • Good nutrition prior to pregnancy is important for mother and baby

Again, the importance of good nutrition was emphasized prior to pregnancy.  It was even suggested that good nutrition should start as early as 6 months before conception if possible.  It was again emphasized to eliminate processed foods, limit alcohol and caffeine and eat a more clean, whole foods diet. 

  • Ovarian Wedge Resection surgery offers the best long term outcomes for women with PCOS

Dr. Hilgers has improved the Ovarian Wedge Resection to the point that women have little to no adhesions and major improvement in their PCOS.  They also are able to conceive with continued help from NaProTechnology and some women go on to have subsequent births.  It was a very encouraging presentation and they are looking into doing more formal research in this area.

  • PMS is a real condition that can be treated by physicians using natural hormones and supplements in cooperation with their cycle

I really enjoyed this presentation since PMS (premenstrual syndrome) is a condition that I have suffered with for quite some time.  It offered real hope for women who suffer from PMS outside of the usual prescription of the birth control pill. 

Dr. Danis discussed treatment with natural hormones and supplements in cooperation with a woman’s cycle to help treat PMS.  This is definitely something I will be discussing with my NaProTechnology doctor.  The use of supplements should always be discussed with you doctor because of possible interactions with medications.

This conference really encouraged me in my work to help women and couples improve their fertility health and treat their fertility health issues.

I also learned some great tools that will help me as a Practitioner improve the quality of my services to my women and couples.  I am excited to start implementing these as well as outreach to the community on the benefits of NaProTechnology.

And, I am looking forward to next year’s conference to be held in my own city of Dallas!