Day 1 - What Can I Do for You Today?


Today marks the beginning of the 7 Day SPICE It Up Challenge!

I hope you will take this journey with me to improve communication in your marriage.

The Challenge may be easy for some and more challenging for others.  Regardless, I hope you receive some joy and connectedness with your spouse over the coming week.

Our first Challenge is to ask your spouse the following question:

What Can I Do Today to Make Your Life Easier?

For some, this may seem easy and like something that you do on a daily basis. 

We may sometimes ask this question to our spouse, but do we REALLY mean it?

Honestly, I often fail to follow through when I ask this question.  I have SO many things going on in my day with work, school, household tasks, etc. that adding one more thing to my plate just sounds impossible.

But, thoughtfulness is a big part of love in marriage.  The book The Love Dare puts it nicely by saying, “Love requires thoughtfulness – from both sides – the kind that builds bridges through the combination of kindness, patience and selflessness.”

When we were dating and engaged, we most likely were constantly thinking of our spouse.  We wanted to be with them and make them happy.  We would tell them how we were constantly thinking of them.

After years of marriage, life, kids and work, this behavior may have faded. 

When was the last time you thought about your spouse’s needs?  When was the last time you tried to better understand and demonstrate love to your spouse?

We need to think ahead to better connect with our spouse.

Today is the day to change that.  Today, ask this question of your spouse.  And, mean it.

Set aside time in your schedule for your spouse and to meet his/her needs for today.

What did you learn about yourself or your spouse by doing this today?  How can you make this a more natural part of your routine and lifestyle?

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