Day 3 - Be a Prayer Partner


Day 3 of the 7 Day SPICE It Up Marriage Challenge!

In case you haven’t realized it, each of these daily challenges is covering an aspect of SPICE. 

If you recall, SPICE is a holistic view of sexuality and marital communication. 

SPICE stands for Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Communicative, and Emotional. 

SPICE views our sexuality as involving the whole person. 

By using these different aspects of sexuality, couples can communicate in a way that leads to a more intimate and trust-filled marriage.  To read more about SPICE, you can read this post.  Or, better yet, you can receive an in-depth explanation in my eBook SPICE: A Guide to an Intimate Marriage.

So, today we are talking about how we can better connect spiritually with our spouse.

Some of you may be good at the Spiritual aspect of SPICE.  You may share a very lively prayer life with your spouse.

If you are like me, the spiritual connection with your spouse can come and go.  We will be doing really well for a long time and then life gets in the way.  There are a few things my husband and I always make a priority to do:

  • Say a daily prayer together – we say both morning and evening prayers
  • Say our wedding vows – to remind us of our love and commitment

You don’t have to do those 2 things to connect spiritually.  You may have other things that keep you connected.  Just the little things can keep you connected. 

Today’s Challenge

Every time you eat a meal or a snack today, say a prayer for your spouse.   Pray for their needs, their challenges, or their protection.  Pray for them to be strong against temptation. 

If you are not a religious person, you can take time to think about and offer good thoughts for your spouse every time you eat a meal or a snack today.

It is important that we guard our marriage.  Our marriage is a gift and there are many forces out there wanting to seek ways to destroy it.

Taking time each day to pray for our spouse can not only keep them in the forefront of our mind but also in our heart.

Was it awkward to pray so often for your spouse or did it flow naturally into your day?  Can you make this a part of your every day schedule and lifestyle?

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