Day 4 - It is Time to Get Away


Day 4 of the 7 Day SPICE It Up Marriage Challenge!

How often do you and your spouse spend time away from it all?

Do you make time to “date” your spouse?

If you are like me, the answer is not very often.  We all know how hard it can be to schedule time away from the demands of life.

I have talked about the importance of investing time in your spouse.  Time to reconnect. 

Remember when you were dating your spouse? 

You would rearrange your schedule and make special time so you could get to know them.  You longed for that time together.

We all change and grow as individuals as we grow older.  Our dreams, goals and ambitions may have changed.   We may have new interests.

We need to take time away together to reconnect and continue to get to know each other.

Obviously, we know each other!  I mean on a deeper level.   Having time together to talk about things that don't involve work or the kids and schedules.

You should have had a evening conversation a few days ago touching on this subject.  I want today’s challenge to go a bit further.

Today’s Challenge

Ask your spouse out on a date – Schedule a date and time, get the sitter and find a place to go.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.  Go to your favorite restaurant and talk.  Tell the waiter you will be there for an hour and not to rush the foods.  Take time to relax.

If going to a restaurant isn’t your thing, you could go for a walk, go bowling, or go play Laser Tag together.  Heck, you could even do indoor skydiving! 

The key is to do something together that is fun.  Something that reminds you of when you were dating.

Dating shouldn’t go away just because you are married.  We need these times away to reconnect with our spouse and get to know them like we did when we were dating.

Do you find it awkward to talk about yourself or things other than work or the kids? No problem!

I have created  a “20 Questions” worksheet to take with you!  Take this worksheet to help get the conversation started.  Get to know your spouse all over again!

Do you know what? 

There are many MORE great printable worksheets included as a BONUS when you purchase my eBook, SPICE: A Guide to an Intimate Marriage! These worksheets go with the eBook to help you put the ideas and tools of SPICE Into action!  Pick up your copy today.

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