Why Chart My Fertility? Why is Charting Necessary for NaProTechnology?


This week was Worldwide FertilityCare Week. 

In honor of this week, I want to talk about why women should chart their fertility and the reasons why charting is necessary for the medical treatment of NaProTechnology.

I talked about this topic LIVE on my Facebook page 2 weeks ago but realized that some people are not on Facebook and/or might have missed it.  I decided to write a post that summarizes what I discussed on Facebook.  If you prefer just to watch the video, you can find it at the end of the post.

I often get asked “Why chart your fertility cycle?” and “Why do I need to chart my fertility cycle in order to see the doctor for NaProTechnology?”

These are great questions!  Let’s tackle one at a time.

Why chart your fertility cycle?

  • Knowledge – I think knowledge as power.  The knowledge you gain from charting your fertility cycle can allow you to plan your family naturally.  You learn that your fertility is not a disease but a natural function of your body.

You will know when you are fertile or infertile and you choose how you use the System.  Charting your fertility cycle allows you to have a true method of family planning with no chemicals and no side effects!  How great is that!

You will also become in tuned with your body in such a way that will allow you to know when something is off.  You have the information to know what is normal and what is not so when things seem off, you can take your knowledge to the NaProTechnology doctor to get help.

  • Confidence – I have seen an increase in confidence not only in myself but in the many women I teach as a Creighton Model Practitioner.  By gaining this knowledge about our fertility cycle, and becoming in tuned with our body, we can have more confidence in ourselves. 

We no longer need to rely on chemicals or devices for our family planning or for treatment for our fertility health issues.  We can truly take charge of our fertility health!

  • Empowerment – This knowledge about our fertility cycle and the confidence that comes from this knowledge can lead to feeling empowered as a woman.

We begin to understand that we are amazing and unique as women.  We realize that our fertility is a gift to be cherished and not a disease to suppressed.

Why is charting needed for NaProTechnology?

  • Standardization – The Creighton Model FertilityCare System is a standardized system of charting your fertility cycle.  This standardization is what makes the research possible and allows for you, your doctor and your Practitioner to be on the same page.  It also helps keep observations objective. 
  • Diagnostic, Medical Tool – The Creighton Model FertilityCare chart is used a diagnostic, medical tool for the NaProTechnology doctor.  The Creighton Model Practitioners are also trained to detect abnormalities in a woman’s chart.  There are many things that a Practitioner as well as the NaProTechnology doctor look at in a woman’s chart. 

The chart is not only for tracking fertile and infertile days.  The length of the cycle, the length and heaviness of the period, the amount of mucus and length of the mucus cycle and the length of the post-peak phase are just a few of the things that are monitored as a woman charts.

  • Creighton Model & NaProTechnology go hand in hand – The medical protocols of NaProTechnology were only researched using the Creighton Model FertilityCare charting system.   They work together to bring women and couples an effective reproductive healthcare model.
  • Practitioner, doctor and You = TEAM – Your Practitioner is trained in chart management and making sure your medical, diagnostic tool is accurate. 

This is important because the NaPro doctor is not trained in chart management.  The NaPro doctor relies on the Practitioner to manage the chart.  If the chart is managed properly, the NaPro doctor can better implement the diagnostic testing and treatment.

The continuous follow-ups are needed so the Practitioner can make sure the chart continues to be accurate for testing and treatment.  Also, sometimes things change as we chart for periods of time and new chart management techniques need to be implemented. 

I know, for myself, this has definitely been the case with charting my fertility cycle.  I have seen many changes over the years that needed chart management. 

Our bodies and our hormones change over time and the Practitioner is there to help us manage those changes.

You make the observations, your Practitioner helps you manage those observations on your chart and the NaProTechnology doctor uses the chart for diagnostic testing and treatment.  This great team all has the same goal: restore reproductive health!

So, as you can see, there are many great reasons to chart your fertility that go beyond just knowing when you are fertile and infertile.  You can learn so much about your body and fertility health just by charting.  And, if needed, find real solutions to fertility health issues through NaProTechnology.