Day 21 - Stress Relief Tip #5: Ask for Help


How have you been doing with this week’s Challenges? 

As I was writing this week’s posts on Stress, I realized how badly I needed them as well.  I struggle with stress management. 

As I was doing research and learning some great tools from the experts, I realized more and more how much they were speaking to me as well.

Do you struggle to do it all? 

Do you feel like you have to be in control of everything? 

I do.  I admit it.  My name is Holly Baril and I am a control freak!  I want things done my way and if they are not done the way I want, I will sometimes redo them.

What does this lead to?


Constant Stress!

You nor I can do it all!  There is no Superwoman or woman that has it all together.

You may see women that seem to have it all together.  On Facebook, a favorite blog or even at certain events you attend.

I promise what you see is not the full picture.  People don’t usually post all the difficulties and stress of everyday life.  Most everyone is struggling with something, you just may not see it.

You have certain gifts and strengths.  Realize that you cannot be perfect at everything. 

The word for today is DELEGATE!

This post is written as much to me as it is for you.  You have written your goals, you have created a daily schedule and you have written out the to do list.

What tasks can you delegate?

I have a busy household.  I have found that delegating household tasks to my children and husband has really helped ease the stress of trying to keep up with a busy family. 

You could hire some help or even ask a teenager to come by for a few days a week to help.  You could ask friends or extended family to help with some tasks.  Your faith community may also be a good source of help.

If you are overwhelmed at work or other area of your life, what task can you get help for.  If you can’t say no to this or that, and are at your full capacity, ask for help. 

You could trade services with someone if you cannot pay.  Whatever it takes.

Do not struggle alone. 

Don’t let pride prevent you from getting the help you need.  It will make such a difference with your stress level and give you some peace.  And, who doesn’t want peace and calm in their life?

Remember, if you are in a season of life where you can help someone, offer your services.  Just offering to make a meal for someone who is overwhelmed can be such a gift.

Tomorrow, we begin our last week of the 31 Day Fertility Care Challenge!  We will talk about how Charting your Fertility is important for improving your fertility health.  There will be lots of testimonies from women who have benefited greatly from charting their fertility, not only for their own knowledge, but to get help with their fertility health as well.

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