Day 24 - Unlock the Power in Your Cycle: Megan's Testimony


Today's testimony is from Megan Faller, a fellow Creighton Practitioner

She tells us today how she has personally benefited from charting her fertility and how the biomarkers in her chart helped her know when something was not right.

Megan's Testimony:

One day, over lunch with my (then) boyfriend, he turned to me and asked what I thought about natural family planning. 

I like natural things, and I like planning… so it sounded pretty good to me, but I had never heard anything about it before. I had numerous questions for him.  He was able to answer some of them.  

By the time our conversation ended, I was intrigued.  There was a way to figure out when you were fertile and when you were not?  It sounded like something I would be interested in learning and using. 

Over the next days and weeks, I spent some time researching NFP online.  At some point, I felt satisfied that this was an ideal option for me in the future.  I figured I would revisit it all prior to marriage, and would likely take a class from an instructor at that time.

There was, however, something that stuck with me.  A question that Google had not provided an answer for… infertility.  After learning about the benefits of keeping love making unitive and procreative (i.e. not using contraceptives or otherwise interfering with the natural act of intercourse), what was a couple to do it they had trouble conceiving?  If they felt drawn to parenthood, what were their options?

A few years later and planning a wedding, I took a sympto-thermal class which taught me to chart my cervical mucus, along with my daily body basal temperature.  As a math nerd, I loved seeing that “thermal shift” indicating that ovulation had likely happened.  But I noticed that my mucus seems limited.  There was a bit, but it was far from abundant.

This was the same summer, while on a coast to coast road trip with one of my best friends, I heard a segment on the radio somewhere around New Orleans that caught my attention.  They were discussing NaProTechnology (or NaPro) and how it approached reproductive issues, including infertility. 

I learned that NaPro Medical Consultants sought to uncover the root cause of infertility, so that couples could achieve pregnancy without the use of reproductive technology, such as In Vitro Fertilization or Inter Uterine Insemination. 

Not only did the NaPro approach seek to restore health, but it was very effective at doing so, often more effective than the methods offered by most in the field of fertility medicine.  NaPro seemed to be the answer to a question I had been carrying.

The following summer I married my husband and moved from Phoenix, AZ to Tucson, AZ.  By the time the out of state wedding, honeymoon, and move were complete, schools were in full session.  As a teacher, I began looking for a teaching position, but there were few available.

During this time, I saw an advertisement for an upcoming Creighton teaching training, the foundation for NaPro, and I decided that I would apply.  That October I began my training in the Creighton FertilityCare System.

I would also begin charting my own cycles using the Creighton Model.  While my own practitioner was not overly concerned about my still limited mucus, according to the systems Mucus Cycle Scoring system, I could see that my mucus cycles were indeed limited.  After I implemented some health changes I finally began to see greater quality and quantity of mucus. 

I was relieved to finally see what I had expected all along.  Within a few months of seeing this “good stuff” we selected days of fertility and achieved pregnancy.  After having experienced so many cycles with hardly any mucus, I still get really excited to see good quantity and quality of mucus!

In the last 5 years, I have continued to use and teach the Creighton Model System.  I am incredibly proud to be a part of a medically based organization that provides outstanding reproductive healthcare to women and couples.  It is a privilege to be a part of my client’s journeys to greater self-knowledge and health.

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Megan Faller, FCP has been a Creighton Model FertilityCare Practitioner for 5 years.  She went through FCP training in Phoenix, AZ in October 2010.  She was drawn to the Creighton Model because of the hope it offers for infertility.  She is co-director of Restore Fertility Care Services located in Southern California where she lives with her husband and two young sons.  She is available for in-person and long distance classes.