Day 26 - Going Against the Tide of the Culture: Jeannette's Story


Today's testimony is from a fellow Practitioner, Jeanette Pascua, of Restore Fertility Care Services.  She is talking to us about how hard it can be to go against the culture and use fertility awareness for family planning. 

Jeannette talks about finding support and the strength to go against the tide of our culture and do what is best for her health and her marriage.

Jeanette's Story:

For me, choosing to chart my fertility and planning my family in a natural way was motivated by religion. Using contraception to prevent pregnancy was not an option for me, so when I got engaged, the next logical step was to search out a method of fertility awareness that would work for us.

I don’t remember how I initially came to learn of Creighton FertilityCare, nor do I remember why I chose that method over all the other options, but I’m so grateful that I did.

I do, however, remember sitting in the Introductory Session and being fascinated by the pure science that went into charting your fertility, and as a Pre-Med student turned Theology student, it made my science nerd heart sing.

I was amazed at it’s simplicity and wondered why something this intuitive wasn’t taught to everyone in health class. The more I learned of the health benefits of charting your fertility, the more I realized this was something I could use for the long haul.

When I began learning to chart my fertility, I was still in college and since I attended a Catholic University, it wasn’t uncommon to find others were also charting their fertility either for personal health reasons, or in preparation for marriage.

However, when I graduated and came home, I found that many people who share my religious background, don’t necessary practice NFP. As a result, it became difficult to find others who understood what it’s like to chart fertility, and the implications it has on a marriage relationship. When I did speak to people about the fact that my husband and I do not use any form of contraception I was often looked at like I had 3 heads.

I was met with a similar response anytime I went to the doctor and they offered me a prescription for hormonal birth control and I refused. I found that many of my doctors were less than supportive of a natural method and often scoffed at my belief that it was effective, especially for preventing pregnancy.

My husband and I have happily used Creighton FertilityCare for our entire marriage of 8 ½ years. We have successfully used it to prevent pregnancy during his time in Chiropractic School, as well as to treat a progesterone deficiency that resulted in one miscarriage.

We then were able to use it to achieve pregnancy three times, planning those pregnancies around my work schedule as a full time high school teacher. It was nice to be able to time a pregnancy so that I would have a baby just before a long summer or Christmas break.

On top of that, we were able to navigate the return of my fertility even while breastfeeding; which is a time that can often pose a real challenge for some. Of course, using NFP isn’t like walking through a field of daisies, it definitely has been a gift to our marriage in more ways than I could probably put on paper (or the interwebs).

My husband and I have been happy with our decision to chart my fertility, but, the truth is, not everyone has been that encouraging of our decision. Let's face it, charting your fertility is countercultural no matter what your reasons for doing it.

Most people won't understand and unfortunately, this whole fertility awareness thing seems to be reserved for the crunchy types. It can be difficult to help people see the benefits of using it especially in a culture that is so sceptical of a natural method being used to prevent pregnancy. And, even though there is wonderful evidence of NaProTechnology having great success for couples struggling with infertility, that too, can often seem highly suspect in our culture.

But, the truth of the matter is, my husband and I are the ones in charge of making this decision for our marriage and family.

My husband and I have found strength to continue using this method in each other. He is very supportive of me using Creighton and he is not afraid to talk about it with others. We are confident both in the effectiveness of the method and its health benefits, and that gives us an unapologetic attitude toward it.

We have seen how great using this method has been for our marriage in helping us to bond and appreciate each other more. For all these reasons and more, we find it pretty easy to talk to others about NFP, even the naysayers. We love sharing the good news of NFP and the hope that is found in NaPro for those dealing with infertility or other health issues.

Not everyone is as lucky as I am to have support. For them I would say first to know your “why.” What is the reason why you are choosing to use a natural method? Knowing the reason you want this for yourself is the best remedy for self doubt.

And, if anyone has anything to say about it, share with them the beauty, the joy and maybe even the science behind these amazing options.

The world needs to hear about NFP and what it has to offer. The world needs to know this is an option. The world needs our witness.

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Jeanette Pascua, FCP has been teaching the Creighton Model for 4 years thanks to loving support of her husband and 3 kids. She is the co-director of Restore Fertility Care Services located in Southern California where she and her colleague teach women to chart their fertility both in person and long distance.