Day 27 - Finding the Right Doctor for Fertility Health: Michelle's Story


I hope you have been enjoying the testimonies this week. 

I love hearing other women's stories and how they have benefited from charting their fertility.

Some of the women have talked about their experience with using NaProTechnology to help treat their fertility health issues. 

NaProTechnology is the new reproductive science that works with a woman's body and not against it. 

The goal of NaProTechnology is to find the underlying cause of the reproductive health issue and treating it. 

NaProTechnology was developed by Dr. Thomas Hilgers, a reproductive specialist who also created the Creighton Model FertilityCare System.

I wrote a post several months ago about what makes a NaProTechnology doctors different from standard doctors specifically in regards to fertility health.  

NaProTechnology doctors are passionate about helping women treating their fertility health issues.  They truly consider the whole woman and offer comprehensive healthcare to women.

Today you will hear from Michelle.  Michelle wanted help for her PCOS.  She was looking for a better solution than what had been offered her through mainstream medicine. 

Michelle's Story:

I have PCOS. From 2009-2014 I was told that the only way to manage my PCOS was by taking birth control and Metformin.

At the end of 2014 I stopped taking birth control and started tracking my cycles using the Creighton Method. After tracking for several months I finally went to see Dr. Jones.

What a difference! Not only was Dr. Jones confident and knowledgeable, but he also told me about Ovarian Wedge Resection surgery which could help cure my PCOS.

For the first time in 6 years I have hope that there will be relief from my symtoms (which didn't go away on birth control) and I have faith that I'm in the capable hands of someone that has my best interests in mind.

Michelle's story is not unlike many of my client's as well as my own personal experience.  Women report that they were finally listened to and their fertility health and symptoms were finally taken seriously when they visited with the NaProTechnology doctor.

Women have reported being able to ask as many questions as they want and get all the information about their treatment, including risks and benefits.

It can be challenging to find a doctor who will respect you and your decision to chart your fertility. 

It can also be challenging to find a doctor who wants to give you REAL solutions to your fertility health issues.

NaProTechnology doctors can offer both the respect you want and the solutions you need! 

You can find a NaProTechnology doctor near you by either going to FCCA or by looking at this handy MAP created by a fellow Practitioner.

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