Day 31 - What will YOUR Fertility Story Be?


Wow! We did it!  We completed the 31 Day Fertility Care Challenge! 

Can I be honest and tell you that this was challenging for me?

I had put myself and my health on the back burner and I was feeling the effects.

This Challenge helped refocus my priorities and put myself “back on the list.” 

If I am not taking care of myself, then how am I going to take care of others?


Today is the FINAL day of the 31 Day Fertility Care Challenge and I want to focus on YOU.

All this week you have heard stories of women who took charge of their fertility health.  They shared their experiences and the benefits they have had from charting their fertility, whether with their relationships or their fertility issues.

What is going to be YOUR Fertility Story?

Since taking care of our fertility does not end until we are in menopause, we are all on a fertility journey. 

Whatever your fertility story, the key is for YOU to take charge of that story.

  • Are you in the midst of struggling with Infertility, PCOS, Endometriosis, Hormonal Imbalance or Recurrent Miscarriage?
  • Are you looking to ditch the Pill and go the natural route for family planning?
  • Have you been charting your fertility but looking to improve your fertility health and improve some fertility health issues?
  • Are you like me and entering into perimenopause and looking for natural ways to navigate your fertility during this time?

Taking care of our fertility is not a one-month commitment but more like a half of our lives commitment. 

That is why I created this Challenge.  To give you tools to help you on your fertility journey.

Recap of the Tools for your Fertility Journey:

  • Nutrition

Week 1 was filled with recommendations from experts on nutrition and fertility health.  We talked about the best foods for optimal fertility health, how to clean out your pantry of processed, sugar-laden foods and instead stock it full of healthy foods.

We also discussed the impact of caffeine, alcohol and water on your fertility health.  I also gave some great resources for meal planning to make it easier to eat healthy long-term.

  • Exercise

Week 2 was filled with recommendations from experts on exercise and fertility health.  We talked about strength training, cardio exercise and the importance of making a daily commitment to move your body. 

There were tips on how to create an effective exercise routine to help prevent an exercise rut and how to stay accountable with a fitness buddy.

  • Stress Management

Week 3 covered stress and how it can affect our fertility health.  Lots of great tools were given to help with stress management.  Such things as setting goals, creating a task list and a time budget.

We also discussed the importance of a good night's sleep, making time for yourself each day and asking for help.

  • Charting Your Fertility

The final week of the Challenge was filled with amazing testimonies from women about the benefits they have received from charting their fertility. 

We heard from Megan, Felicia, Andi, Jeanette, Michelle, Nicole and myself and we learned that charting our fertility can make a huge impact on our overall and fertility health, especially if dealing with fertility health issues.

We also learned the benefits of learning a Fertility Awareness method from a trained Instuctor and how to stay committed to an observational routine to receive the full benefit of the method you have chosen.

Depending on where you are on your fertility journey, I hope you found some helpful tips and tools to use to improve your fertility health. 

But, remember, these tools will only work if you implement them and use them every day.  Being healthy is not always easy.  But, the benefits you receive from making yourself and your fertility a priority will be amazing!

Making your fertility health a priority may be a new thing for you and you may not know where to begin. 

It is important to just get started!

Make a commitment.  One day at a time. 

Every day is an opportunity for a fresh start!

I do not want this Challenge to end for you today!  I want you to be Challenged every day to make yourself and your health a priority!

I wanted to say thank you for allowing me to spend the last 31 days with you to help improve your fertility health.

I am grateful to my contributors and to all the wonderful women who chose to share a glimpse of their fertility journey with us.