The Creighton Model: A Holistic Approach to Women's Fertility Health


More and more women and couples are looking for a natural and more holistic approach to fertility healthcare. 

Women are fed up with the typical offering of the Pill as the gold standard of healthcare for family planning and treatment of fertility health issues. 

Couples are fed up with the typical offering of IVF and other artificial reproductive technologies as the gold standard for infertility treatment.

Women are blessed to have many options when it comes to natural methods of family planning.  These options are just as effective as the Pill and much healthier for their bodies.

Since this week is Worldwide FertilityCare Week, I am going to focus on one of those methods, the Creighton Model FertilityCare System. 

I feel so blessed to be able to offer women and couples such an amazing fertility awareness System. 

I began teaching 14 years ago and have really enjoyed journeying with women and couples as they take charge of their fertility health.

I truly believe the Creighton Model FertilityCare System is a holistic approach to women’s fertility healthcare. 

The Creighton Model offers women and couples multiple benefits:

  • Knowledge

Until I learned to chart my fertility, the extent of my fertility knowledge consisted of information about my monthly period.  It wasn’t until I learned the Creighton Model, that I was aware of how my body worked.

This knowledge has been amazing. I truly believe that every woman should learn about how her fertility works.  Our fertility is a natural part of a woman’s healthy body.

Our fertility is a gift to be cherished and now a disease to be suppressed.  A woman cannot fully appreciate her fertility as a gift without knowledge about how her fertility works.

The Creighton Model is a wonderful System to give women this information. You work with a trained Fertility Care Practitioner in a private one on one setting so that the System can be tailor made to you and your particular situation.

You will learn your fertility signs through mucus only observations. Your Practitioner is there to instruct, encourage and support you along your fertility journey.

Your Practitioner is also trained to detect abnormalities in your chart that indicate that something maybe off with your fertility health.

Your Practitioner works with you and your NaProTechnology doctor to make sure your Creighton Model chart is properly managed so that it can be used as a medical tool to help diagnose and treat fertility health issues.

  • Confidence/Empowerment

When a woman and couple learn about how their fertility functions as a natural part of a woman’s body, their confidence in themselves and their body increases.

A woman can learn the Creighton Model of charting her fertility regardless of how her cycles look.  Even if she has irregular cyles, PCOS, is postpartum or in perimenopause, she can still chart with the Creighton Model. 

She can use the System in all stages of her fertility life, from puberty through menopause.

A woman can have confidence that the method she is using to plan her family is 100% safe and healthy with no side effects.  The couple can choose to use the System however they wish, either to avoid or achieve a pregnancy.

Confidence and empowerment comes from knowledge about your fertility and using that information to take care of your fertility health.

  • Real Medical Solutions

One of the reasons I love the Creighton Model FertilityCare System and why I chose to be trained as a FertilityCare Practitioner is because of NaProTechnology.

I love that there is a science that goes hand in hand with the Creighton Model.  I love that the Creighton Model FertilityCare chart can be used as a medical tool to help to diagnose and treat fertility health issues.

NaProTechnology is a true method of healthcare for women because it seeks to find the underlying cause of the fertility health issue and treat it in cooperation with a woman’s body.

Women are finally offered an alternative to the standard treatment of care for PCOS, endometriosis, irregular cycles, hormone imbalance and PMS: The Pill.

Couples are finally offered an alternative to the standard treatment for infertility which is IVF, IUI and other artificial reproductive technologies.

And, the best part is that this alternative to the Pill and IVF, NaProTechnology, is more effective.

I have found, as have my clients, that NaProTechnology doctors take the time to listen, encourage, support and explain procedures and treatments.  Women finally feel listened to and that their fertility health issues will be taken seriously.

Women become partners with their NaProTechnology doctors in the managing of their fertility health.

  • Marriage Investment

Communication builds intimacy in a marriage. Using a natural system of family planning can help foster that communication.

The Creighton Model FertilityCare System offers great tools for couples to help improve their communication and therefore improve the intimacy in their marriage.

SPICE, which stands for Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Creative, and Emotional, is a hidden treasure of FertilityCare.  It offers couples new ideas on how to improve communication.

You learn about SPICE and how to implement communication tools through the course of the Creighton Model follow-ups.

You can then take the tools and use them to improve the communication in your marriage.

Better communication leads to a deeper intimacy in marriage.

Women and couples no longer have to compromise their health to find an effective family planning method or fertility health treatment. 

The Creighton Model FertilityCare System offers women and couples the natural, holistic, effective healthcare model that they have been looking for. 

Want to get started learning the Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System?  Contact me today for Introductory Session.