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Offering Couples an Effective Solution through NaProTechnology


Do Any of These Statements Sound Familiar:

"You have a 1 in a million shot of getting pregnant."

"We can't figure out what is wrong: you have 'unexplained infertility'."

"Your only option to have a baby is IVF or IUI."


Current In Vitro (IVF) solutions are not that effective and involve costly medicine and procedures.

By utilizing the Creighton Model's identification of fertility biomarkers alongside the reproductive science of NaProTechnology, effectiveness can reach up to 80%!

what are some basics about naprotechnology?

  • NaProTechnology uses the Creighton Model FertilityCare System to diagnose the underlying cause of infertility.  
  • The Creighton Model creates a valuable, diagnostic, medical tool for specially trained medical doctors because it aids in the timing of diagnostic tests, diagnosis and treatment that is used in the science of NaProTechnology.
  • In NaProTechnology, the fertility cycle is regarded as normal and any deviation from this indicates abnormalities that need to be treated and corrected.
  • NaProTechnology testing and treatments are usually covered by insurance.
  • NaProTechnology offers a moral option for couples of all faiths.
  • Couples now have the opportunity to know and understand the causes of their infertility.

NaProTechnology seeks to restore reproductive health.

I have worked with Holly and highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in understanding their fertility. She was very professional and knowledgeable, which reduced a lot of the anxiety that comes with infertility struggles.

What I appreciate most about the experience with Holly was her gift of understanding me and then making a good recommendation on what steps I should take next to improve my fertility.

My husband and I feel so indebted to Holly for helping us take control of our fertility and finally achieve pregnancy.

-Jessie R.

9 Facts About NaProTechnology Ebook

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